XPE Pharma & Science

XPErts by natureXPE – leading full service company staffing in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical devices, Agri-food Industries and the Healthcare & CRO environment – was looking for a new vision and identity.

The work environment has changed. Careers should be fun and not just a race towards our pension. We strive for satisfaction and appreciation in what we do. It`s about doing and achieving things together.


  • Creating a “ecosystem” where employees and clients form a perfect symbiosis.
  • Unite people, nature and science.
  • Focus on internal and external “xpe”rtise and flexibility
  • Focus on individuality of employees, projects and clients

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XPE Pharma & Science logo from Julia Wolff on Vimeo.

We are XPErts – by nature

  • The concept of We are XPErts derives from the idea of unity
  • Reinforcing XPE company name by  dropping the “E” from EXPErt to enhance
    company name visibility and memorization (logomark)
  • Instil ownership and pride amongst staff and clients. It clearly implies “expertise” and “the power of we” which lies in collaborations forming new synergies to gain competitive advantage by partnering successfully: “I can’t, but we can.”
  • At the heart of XPE: People.
    XPE staff and clients form the XPE-Ecosystem. A tribe, where everyone is part of an interconnected XPErt team. For millions of years, humans have been seeking out tribes, be they religious, ethnic, economic, and political. It’s our nature, we need to belong.
  • Using the expression “by nature” means that a characteristic is fundamental to
    something, it is genetically programmed and can’t be changed (or at least it is difficult to change). It`s a gift. It comes natural. It comes from the heart.